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Practising speaking - Flowers that shine on my heart


It is very weird listen to my voice, but I decided to record my text because I need to improve my speaking.

I know that my accent is not good, and I accept corrections and opinions.


Flowers that shine on my heart

I've never enjoyed flowers, honestly. Maybe because my mother doesn't enjoy them, too*.

She says that we give flowers to the dead. Yes, I know that it is a sad way to define flowers.

Things changed. I don't like to receive bouquet of flowers, because after a time the flowers wilt and go to the trash. Today, I prefer to receive a vase of flowers.

There is a garden in the company where I work and there are many flowers. Everyday when I go out I look at the flowers while I am passing by the street and there is one kind of flower that I like much. 

I love the daisy, because when I look at one I can see a happy face.. daisies shine everywhere. I love daisies, yet now I am falling in love with this purple with yellow flower.

I've never seen a flower where the colors are so well-matched. The creator planned the perfect combination of flower colors and I think it's amazing. 

The creator created flowers to emblazen the planet and the heart of many women! S2

I couldn't attach the picture :(

Mar 7, 2018 9:33 PM
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Hi, Loren!  I can hear your native accent, but I understood everything you said. I am not a native speaker, so I can't help you, but there is many good youtube channels which are helpful in teaching pronunciation. Maybe you can try some of these or find one that is more interesting for you:

Boa sorte! :-)

March 7, 2018
When I recorded to myself I realized that my voice is so terrible, if I were a friend of mine I would end the friendship immediately
March 7, 2018
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