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3 Tips to Start Speaking a Language Hi, I am Omran from Indonesia, and I can speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Pashto (Afghanista) Bahasa Indonesia, Siriki and Punjabi
while I was learning all these languages, I got hard time however I get experience how to start a new langauge
I am not talking about writing or reading, just conversation

1. Listing : Yes the No 1 is listing, if you are interesting to learn a new language or you are learning a language you should listen it may time, like as you can listen the native speakers or some speech. Many people suggested that we start with listing songs in a language we are going to learn but I not recommended this one for you. Why? because songs have much music which not give you clear sound and secondly in songs many time the singer not used the proper or original accent. Therefore better you listen simple speech and or more better if you watch documentary because documentary  will keep your interest (will not make you bore) and you will also improve your skill

2. Speaking : Try to speak or repeat with a speech or documentary, never hesitate to speak with native speakers. become a kid who can't pronounce correct pronunciation while learning his/her mother language. Therefore listen and repeat it again and again will help you to improve quickly

3. Reading : try to read some interesting things like as sign board or some article or news headlines. (in some cases we can't read specially if the language you are learning have different alphabet) however if you can, you should try to learn

4. STOP !!! Grammar. Don't think about grammar at initial stage. grammar is not much important as we know all the native speakers don't know properly grammar but they still speak properly. or become a kid who learn his mother language without talking about grammar

This  is my personal experience, I know you all have very good method to start a new language, I just share it to know how people think about this. Please share your personal experience how we can start a new language
Mar 8, 2018 1:45 AM
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