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Does anyone love Italy? Explain what do you love about Italy and why.
Mar 8, 2018 1:16 PM
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I was attracted by the glorious history of Ancient Rome at very young age, without hesitation, I went to Italy several years ago, when I got a chance. It didn't let me down, and I fell in love with Rome at first glance! The way they keep historical relics is as admirable as the relics itself. And the gourmet is the flavor of Italy!
March 9, 2018

How can anyone not love Italy? 

Great food, breathtaking landscapes, lots of history, amazing food, nice people, beautiful language... what's there not to like?

March 8, 2018
I love everything about Italy

I love its language ,cuisine ,songs ,culture and its attractiveness

I heard from whom have visited and from its pictures that Italy it's like an open museum and what makes it special as I think .

March 8, 2018
I'm italian and I do love my country.. we have beautiful landscapes and a lot variety about food and colture..on the top of all that, we have beaches and mountains, woods and matter if you like summer or winter, Italy is always the right place..On the other hand, I don't like the way many italian people behave, we are too rude sometimes, even though for the rest of the world we are funny
March 8, 2018

There are so many things I love about Italy! One thing is the food, of course. I grew up eating Italian food, so that's what is familiar to me and I think it's delicious too. One of my favorite foods in Italy is the chocolate and the different types of sweets they have. The sweets in the U.S. are way too sweet, but in Italy the sweets have a richer taste and don't use as much sugar. I especially love the Kinder sweets.

I also love the culture and the people. Italians gesture with their hands a lot when they talk, and it's pretty entertaining to watch. They are also very stubborn and they speak their minds a lot, even if it's something negative, but they're also very friendly people who enjoy helping others.

March 8, 2018
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