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Marília Freitas
What is the first thing you think about Africa?

I would like to hear from you guys, what is the first thing you think about Africa.

I would greatly appreciate it if you"re honest.

2018년 3월 9일 오전 9:30
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2018년 3월 9일

I lived in Toronto, where there's a big Somali community. I have many Somali friends. Even though Somalis aren't Arabs, they have a lot in common with Arabs due to the shared history. (Many people think Somalis are Arabs because Somalia is politically part of the Arab world, but most Somalis don't identify as Arab.)

I also have some Sudanese friends. My understanding is that some Sudanese people identify as Arab but others don't. Regardless, Sudanese people have a lot in common with Arabs as well.

I've been to Cairo, Egypt. Didn't like it. It was too overcrowded and overwhelming for me. I've been told I'd like Alexandria more.

I've also been to Morocco. Amazing food. Moroccan tea is the best tea, and I had tagine all day every day when I was there.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is one of my favourite writers. I really loved her book Americanah.

I've also been told that Chinua Achebe is a great writer, although I've never read any of his books. One day I will.

I'd like to visit Sub-Saharan African someday, but I don't know where to go. There are a lot of places.

I know that people often have a stereotype of Africa as "that place that needs aid", but I try to educate myself. Africa is an entire continent and it's very diverse and rich with culture.

2018년 3월 9일
Africa I would say is such a hugeeee variety of cultures and languages and people underestimate the continent and bunch it all into one thing with safaris, black people and dessert landscapes when there's sooo much more from Egyptian culture to morrocan, tribal of all sorts, Kenyan the list goes on it's a big melting pot
2018년 3월 9일

Yes, the majority of responses will probably consist of the typical stereotypes held by non-Africans.

For me, it is easiest, to sum it up with one word. "UBUNTU"

2018년 3월 9일
I think of a great variety of different cultures, unknown to me. Muslim people in the north, whose ideas and world view I can relate to and very unfamiliar cultures going south. Unfamiliar, yet beautiful and curious. Intimidating, yet tempting.

I think of the feelings I have heard many Afroamericans report when they think of Africa. Some of them feel of it as their native, long lost home. 

I think of the colonialisation of Africa. The torture the Belgians inflicted on the Congolese people in particular. But in gemeral of the injustice, pain and agony, the African people suffered due to the colonial aggressions.

I fantasize of beautiful, strange, wild people. Being so robust and strong against all sorts of dangerous climates. Their dark skin and strong features. Its beautiful and strange to me. 
2018년 3월 28일
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