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What fo you think about Japan? Do*
Mar 9, 2018 10:01 AM
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in my opinion Japanese are weird. their behavior is different from other nations. they bowing continuously and they sit on their feet when their knees are completely bend. that is so hard for hours. and they cook different things for a simple meal. i mean in a Japanese table you can see a lot of small bowl. and i think their look mysterious. i mean you cant guess what is their mood or what is their real feeling.

i admire Japanese because of their hardworking and their great culture. it is so strange how this large population (127 million) live in a mountainous country with sever earthquakes that its area is lesser than 1/3 Iran. it is really strange how this huge population live in a small country in peace.

i wish i could visit this beautiful country one day.

March 9, 2018
Japan is one of the most devoleped countries in term of technologies..moreover Japanese are well mannered, they speak quiet in public and have lots of ancient traditions and habits which are still followed :)
March 9, 2018


March 9, 2018
Too much unnecessary protocol in everyday life, that impressed me so much. However, Japan is primarily a beautiful country with polite and kind people.  If you wish to approach a mysterious Asian culture, you can never skip this country, 
March 22, 2018
Thank you for your opinion![emoji]

Actually, I have been fascinated by Japan for a very long time ! I watched anime at the age of 9/10 and this is where i started searching everything about this beautiful country! I am willing to study Japanese!
March 9, 2018
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