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Inferno by Dan Brown. Native English speakers, please share your opinion.

Hi everyone!

Thank you for paying attention to my article. I have recently finished reading one of Dan Brown's bestsellers and I would love to share my views about this book with you. But first, I have one request for native English speakers. Would you be so kind as to correct anything you might find wrong in this text? I hope this is not too much to ask for.=)

As it often happens in Dan Brown's novels, from the very beginning we can find ourselves in a company of Harvard professor Robert Langdon. Highly intelligent, handsom-looking, middle-aged man unwillingly gets into wierdest situation. This time he had lost his memory and somehow discovered himself on another continent. Few moments later Dan Brown throws professor into deep sea of action. It occurs that someone wants to kill him and he can't even trust his own government. Chase, shooting, attempt to run away and find safe place to hide along with desire to get back his memory - this is the short list of troubles mr. Langdon got involved in.

Every time we read about Robert Langdon's adventures there is always a pretty young woman accompanying him. This novel is not an exception. Sienna Brooks has outstanding intellect, lightning-speed reaction and amazing acting skills. But this time Dan Brown doesn't tell us the whole story about Langdon's "girlfriend" from the very beginning. Together they struggle under immeasurable pressure to save the world and it seems like they are in the same boat, but they aren't. Ms Brooks has her own goal and she needs Langdon's knowledge to achieve it. That's why she has to lie which will make her feel sorry later.

We can always find a vivid picture of a villain in Dan Brown's book. Inferno presents it's reader image of a person who's state of mind can be described as a genius on the verge of madness. Genetic engineer Bertrand Zobrist had been so obsessed with the idea of looming catastrophe due to overpopulation on Earth that he invented some kind of horrific biological weapon in order to decrease amount of people in the World. Remarkable thing is that he was inspired by Dante's Divine comedy.

So, here we are - in the middle of tornado of events watching huge frantic activity of different characters in the center of Europe. Their interests and goals intertwined, each step can bring unexpected developments. Those new developments, however, keep coming every know and then which makes us feel thrilled till final pages. Big amount of twists and turns sometimes causes reeling sensation in the head. But this is what makes Dan Brown's books special.

Mar 9, 2018 12:18 PM
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