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The first love... Hi. Could you share the answer-Where did you meet your first love? These were an exceptional circumstances?
2018年3月9日 18:14
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Strangely enough, in my kindergarten days. That genuine kind of "love" you know? Where you're not sure what is happening or what you should do but you don't need to do anything because it just sorta happens by its own, from holding hands and playing house to those unexpected kisses on the cheek ☺️
Hopefully I will meet soon :D everything in my life is completely suspended until I migrate from my country :D
Well, not yet but I hope my first love will be the last too!!
I didn’t have a real love yet but I’d like to read other’s comments!
Just remembered my friend, a musician living in Montenegro.

He met his current girlfreind (a painter) there and soon invited her to climb a mountian, not far from where he lives. And there on top of the mountain she confessed: "I'm really into puppet theater with vegetables...".
"Me too!" said he, and as I know him this is more than true.

But they have some disagreements: he loves Romanesco broccoli (crazy fractal thing: ) and stuff like that. She can't understand this. SHe is into potatoes and other rather shapeless stuff.
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