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Pham Thu Ha
Should gun ownership be made legal?
Mar 10, 2018 12:45 AM
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Whatever you do about gun ownership, be careful about your English. Be sure that whoever writes the law writes something clearer than the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States:

"A well regulated militia, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

The plain fact of the matter is that this sentence is badly written, isn't clear, and nobody knows what the people who wrote it really meant. Naturally, people on both sides of the gun debate in the United States say "oh, it is perfectly clear, there is no ambiguity, it means..." and then go on to say completely different things. 

"'The people' means "the states, like Connecticut or Wisconsin." "No, 'the people' mean people like you and I." "It only means that a state can equip the National Guard with firearms." "No, the 'militia' means every able-bodied citizen." "Well-regulated means 'subject to restrictive laws.'" "No, it just means 'operating smoothly.'"

March 10, 2018
It is legal in many countries.

Farmers and hunters have rifles for hunting.

In Switzerland men get army training and can keep rifles at home (or not at home, by choice). In case of war they would take them.

March 10, 2018
I saw a interesting debate about this a few years ago.

A guy who is against gun control had a place with the following sentence in there.

"My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns!

Their house is NOT armed!

Out of the respect for their opinions I promise NOT use my guns to protect them."

If you are a thief which house do you will choose to steal?

This is exacly what is happening in Brazil after the gun control.

The criminals always find a way to have guns and now they are more audacious because they know that only them have guns.

When they think that some victims can have guns they think twice before break into a house.

I think that is funny that the same people think that legalize drugs can stop the black market and could be a good thing also thinks that guns control will work. But not.

March 10, 2018
I´m with K P about the Swiss system, I think with an army training people should keep guns.
March 10, 2018
I'd say no.

Or at least, before owning guns, EXTREME control or filtering procedure needed before a person could actually own gun(s). I am not sure if this could work though.

March 10, 2018
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