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How do you perceive birthdays? I've been questioning, since I turned 20, what's exciting about getting a year older with clearer fine marks? Why do people react to birthdays as a joyous celebration? Why don't they isolate themselves and examine their life, career, goals, relationships...etc? Why instead of trying something different they waste time on ordinary things like reconnecting with family and old friends? 
I know how you preceive your birthday depends on your current circumstances, your position- where you are and where you want to be, your past experiences. But in all cases, I think birthdays aren't meant to be celebrated. 
Personally, I receive my birthday with increasing anxiety and a wish of never aging. Some of my close circle believe that I have mental health issues and I need an expert but I think I'm all right.
What about you? How do you react to your birthday?  
Mar 10, 2018 4:10 AM
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I see my birthday as my special day to do whatever I want, however I want. It's MY DAY. If that means calling up friends...I'll call up friends. If that means going skiing by myself...I'll go skiing. If that means buying a cheesecake and a 6-pack of beer for breakfast...guess what?   I don't do anything I don't want to. But, I'm more than twice as old as you are and have seen many "traditional" birthdays pass. Most of them depressing disasters! 

When I was around 20, I thought that people who were my friends would show me they were my friends by actually remembering the day, but I found out very quickly that I'm the only person I know who remembers birthdays and sends/gives cards and buys presents. That's depressing!  

As for getting older, youth is overrated. Honestly, the only thing you have is health (I assume) and lots of energy. You lack experience, understanding, insight and a wisdom that only comes with years.

I'm not saying that to make you feel bad or say you are immature or don't understand anything! I'm saying what you understand now is only the surface. With the passing of years you will understand it all on a much deeper level.  There is a LOT to look forward to about getting older!

Don't see it as the kilometer marker of your years to the grave...see it as a marker of your wisdom, experience and development as a unique individual.  

March 10, 2018
You ruined  my perfect  world 
March 10, 2018

I guess, that to not celebrate your birthday with friends or family is something out of the ordinary. If you really want to do it in a different way, you'll definitely meet the problems with an explanation to your relatives, because the first thing, which will come to their heads, is your disconnection from them.  

March 10, 2018
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