Alessandra R
Why nobody wants to talk ?

Yet, apparently all people is on this site to learn a language, but practically nobody answers!!!!!!!! But are you real? This site is real?

It's necessary to pay your teachers? I don't need teachers. I want to make conversation in English and to help in italian. Ok?

Somebody want it? I don't like wasting time.

Mar 10, 2018 1:13 PM
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Alessandra, how do you approach the other users? There is not much information in your profile, so prospective language partners have no way of knowing if you would be a good fit. I'm copying here some advice that I have posted in another discussion before:

1. Native English speakers are indeed flooded with language exchange requests because the whole world is learning their language but they (generally speaking) don't learn so many languages. So native speakers of not so frequently learnt languages might have a harder time, finding native English speakers to practise with.

2. Therefore it's advisable also to practise with fellow English learners who have the same or a higher level.

3. If aiming for native English speakers, you should look for native English speakers who are learning your language, so you have something to offer in return.

4. Most people don't reply to simple "hi" messages. Best is to introduce yourself and describe the kind of exchange you're interested in.

5. Here on italki it's best to take part in discussions, correct notebook entries in your native languages and answer questions of learners of your native language. This way, you get noticed by other users as a reliable partner.

6. In my opinion, it's best, not to look just for native speakers of your target language, but for possible friends. When the personalities click, then it's much easier to find topics to talk about and keep the conversation going.

7. And very important: Before contacting other users, you should read their profile. I get so many requests and when I ask if they read my profile, the answer is in most cases "no" and then I'm not interested in that person anymore. If they can't be bothered to take a minute to read my profile... 

I hope this is helpful for you and good luck.

March 10, 2018

General advice to all complainants:

How not to find language partners on italki

- Don't bother to check the discussions thread before creating a new thread of your own on this topic.

- Fail to notice the other 18324832649864 duplicate discussion threads clogging up the discussions forum.

- Post an angry bitter rant.

- Complain a lot.

- Never say anything positive.


- Never correct anyone's notebook entries written in your language.

- Have an extreme sense of entitlement.

- Grumble a lot about how you perceive the community to be ignoring you.

- Grumble a lot about how much you hate the English language anyway.

- Lash out at well-meaning remarks from friendly longstanding members.

- Make sure you send lots of language partner requests to people who specifically state that they aren't looking for a language partner.

- Make sure you send lots of language partner requests to people who aren't learning your language.

March 10, 2018

Alessandra you have gotten excellent advice from Miriam.

Here one point more. Try to be as informative as possible when you write to somebody. If you have an agressive tone and just complain, the chances of finding a language partner will not be that good.

THINK: everybody wants to learn English, who wants to learn Italian?

Try to advertise for yourself! Why should people be interested in you? 

March 10, 2018

Bravo Anne!

You can add: “ try to be sarcastic in a language whose grammar you barely know. You surely will sound offensive “.

March 10, 2018


Do you mean me by "miss Oxfordine"? I was just trying to be helpful. Apparently, you know better than me how to successfully find language partners on italki...

March 10, 2018
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