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Stereotypes from British English

A comment from NealC  on US movie villains :

"Hollywood has always loved a villain with a British accent, here in the US the accent can sound pretentious and we figure anyone who talks that way deserves what he gets :-) "

. . . and of course. because it is an American movie, so the good guys always triumph, and the evil Brit gets what's due to him . .

. . but what would happen in 'real life' ?  Surely some pretentious British villains must succeed . . . and what about that super-cool James Bond . . is he really a villain too ?

I presume this only applies to speakers of RP [ 'received pronunciation' - the English from the south of England with which you are most likely to be familiar]   -  are speakers with accents from other regions of England, or from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland also entitled to privileged bad guy status, or does the way they speak let them down - they're just not pretentious enough  ?

Mar 10, 2018 4:46 PM
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