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An honest man

Hello everyone! This is the second part of a short story written  by my friend, I translated it into English. Can anyone help me to correct? Thank you very much! Bcs of the words limit,the other part pls see my perfil!THANK U!


“I knew I had made mistake and I admitted my guilt. I knew I should be punished, but I really can’t tell you where the money is.”

Finally the judge dished him out fifteen years.

Deducted from the holiday, the honest man stayed in the jail for 13 years. In the prison he still was a exemplary prisoner,  when he was free he read travel books or taught other prisoners to read and write.

Time flies, the honest man was released from the prison. His old boss was already retired but he couldn’t forget the old honest man, he was dying to know what had happened to the honest man and where had the money gone. At that time the door bell rang, the honest man stood front the door with a portfolio.

“Recently I had finally figured it out. I knew that I had made a huge mistake and disappointed everyone's expectation, I want to return the one hundred million to the bank. Sir, could you please go to the bank with me?  ” Finally the one hundred million, after the honest man being in the prison for 13 years, wen back to the bank.

In the first class cabin the old man held a cup of red wine, reading the travel magazine, decided to after going to Paris he will go to Iceland and then go to Russia to walk around.

The airline attendant who he just knew, pouting playfully, asked him, “What do you do on earth? How could you retire so early and have travel all over the world? ”

The honest man smiled, “I do investment business. Do you know how much you can earn after 13 years if you buy one hundred million non-registered bond with 6% interest? Two hundred and thirteen million and two hundred and ninety thousand, deduct from the principal capital, one hundred million, there is still more than one hundred and thirteen million and two hundred and ninety thousand, you can retire and travel all over the world with the interest.”

The airline attendant stretched herself and said flatteringly “How can I have one hundred million!”

The honest man replied “ Borrow. I just borrowed money. But remember you have to return after borrowing, it is what an ‘honest man’ do.”

Mar 11, 2018 2:45 AM
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March 11, 2018
thank you for your advice! 
March 11, 2018
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