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Tram Nguyen
Why '에 맞아' is used in this sentence? I encountered this sentence in my Korean textbook as follows: '강영우 박사는 중학교 때 축구를 하다가 친구가 찬 공에 맞아 실명하였다'.
I understand this sentence that 'Dr. Kim Young Woo, when he was a middle school student, he played football and one friend kicked the ball into his eyes and then he became blinded'. However, I'm not sure the role and the reason why '에 맞다' is used in this sentence. Could you please clarify this grammar point?
As for me, I will write my sentence with the same meaning as follows (without 에 맞다 as I don't really understand this grammar point): ' 강영우 박사는 중학교 때 축구를 하다가 친구가 그의 눈에 공을 차서 실명하였다'. Is my sentence correct? 
Thank you so much for your help :).
Have a nice day.
Mar 11, 2018 6:46 AM
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'에 맞다' is used in that sentence because 강 didn't hit himself, he was hit by something. '에 맞다' has a passive meaning, it means 'be hit by'. So 강영우 박사는 축구공'에 맞다.' =  Dr.Kang is hit by a soccer ball.

In addition, 강 is written as Kang[Gang], not Kim[Gim]. Kim is 김(金).

I hope my answer helps you :D

March 11, 2018
Thank you so much for your detailed clarification :). I really appreciate :). Your answer did help me so much :).
March 11, 2018
Tram Nguyen
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