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Which Arabic Dialect do you prefer to learn? Why?
Mar 11, 2018 9:00 AM
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- Egyptian (Cairo dialect): Because EVERY Arabic speaker understands it and its vowel sounds are clear, not chopped off like Maghrebi variants or even Levantine dialects. Comedy in Arabic always has to be done in Egyptian.

- Lebanese (Beirut dialect): It's soft, elegant and refined. I would say almost every Arab at this point understands the Lebanese dialect.

- Syrian (Damascus dialect): It's quite similar to Lebanese but uses far less English or French words. Also due to popular Syrian TV series, many Arabs understand this dialect just fine.
March 11, 2018
@Endless Learning

Not only Damascus dialect is similar to Lebanese also Syrian coast and Sawyda cities speak like Lebanese

In Aleppo we use the same words of Lebanese

We are almost the one

March 11, 2018

اللهجة بتاعة اهل الصعيد علشان نطقهم جميل جوي :)))

March 11, 2018
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