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An honest man
Hello, everyone, this is a short story written by my friend and I helped him to translated into English. Can anyone help me to correct it? Thank you very much!

There was a bank accountant who had no girlfriend, no wife and no child. He was about 30 years old, he worked on time and worked hard every day. He never made mistakes on his work. People called him as “the honest man” all his lifetime. He had only one life desire, which was travelling all over the world. But as a man who had to do careful calculation and strict budgeting to live, he didn’t earn much money, he could just eke out his livelihood by work.

One day, he asked for a leave from the work. On the next day , he didn’t come to office either.

The boss and the colleagues were worried about him, being afraid that some accident might have happened to him. As he lived alone, even if some accident happened, no one would know it. They called him but he didn’t answer the phone, everybody decided to wait him for one more day then go to his house to look for him.

It washard to prevent the unexpected things happening. On the same day , the bank checked the amount and found that the honest man had transferred one hundred million from the bank  and drew the money.

Every stuff of the company was so surprised about it, no one believed that the honest man would do such a thing. Some people even worried about that he was kidnapped and was forced to steal the money.

One week passed the honest man couldn't be found by all manner of means. Suddenly the honest man stepped into the police office and confessed his crime. As soon as he saw the policeman he confessed that he had stolen one hundred million. He clearly realized that we was not that kind of desperado, so he had decided to confess his crime.

This was an easy case, so the police asked him to surrender the one hundred million stolen money, and they could beg the judge for mercy for him. However the honest man said “I confessed my crime, so I surrendered myself to the police, but I really can’t tell you where the one hundred million is. I would just admit my guilt.”

“Did you give it to some woman? Dis you steal money for her?Don’t be silly, once you are put into the jail,  she will just leave with the one hundred million.”

“No, there is no woman.”

“You can’t imagine the pain of being inside of the prisoner's cage, just hand over the money, and we will intercede for you! Now that you realized that had made a mistake who not return the money?”
Mar 11, 2018 11:13 PM
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