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Bela Sande
How long do u think it takes to be able to speak korean very fluently? I've been studying for around 4 hours everyday for 7months :)  I still have a lot to go. I was just wondering in your own experience, how long do you think it takes to be very fluent in speaking korean? 
Mar 12, 2018 10:49 AM
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Very long.  I spent the last year perfecting my Korean speaking and listening to get from a high intermediate level to low advanced level.  I am told that I speak like a native (although i know i do make certain grammar mistakes).  But I spent the last year watching every korean variety shows that held my interest and looked up almost every word i did not know and watched many show from beginning to end several times over.  I paid attention to sentence structures and grammar that i was unfamiliar with and studied them.  Korean still feels a bit weird in my mouth.

Keep studying hard and try not to think about how long it will take to be fluent.  Easier said than done...
March 12, 2018
It depends on your definition of “very fluently,” but I would guess you are B1 by now, and about half-way to B2 (each level takes about as long as all previous levels together). Learning Korean will naturally take about twice as long as learning a language that is related to your native Portuguese (such as English). Getting from B2 to C1 could take as long as the whole trip from zero to B2, but you’ll already be able to handle most non-specialized conversations.

March 12, 2018

I don't think it takes that long if you really study four hours a day?! That is A LOT of time! Of course, it depends on how well you learn new languages, some people pick them up quickly and some take a lot longer to get comfortable.

I've been studying Korean for almost two years now at a very casual pace. I have an hour-long lesson about once a week (I skip weeks here and there) and just write diary entries if I feel like it (maybe twice a week?). The most contact I have with Korean on a daily basis is probably social media, reading tweets or Instagram captions. It doesn't add up to a lot is what I'm trying to say, haha. And despite this casual pace, I've made a LOT of progress in the last two years. Seriously, a lot. I read books and actually know what I'm reading. Same goes for news articles or subtitles.

I'm 100 % sure that if I had consistently studied for four (or even just two!) hours a day from the start with the same methods I use right now, I would be fluent by now. It's still different for everyone and it also depends on how you spend these four hours of study time, but... how could you not make progress if you're spending so much time on a language?

I'd be extremely interested in your methods, by the way! What do you usually do every day? Do you read articles or watch videos or practice writing or just memorize vocabulary? :)

March 12, 2018
4 years in total
March 12, 2018
Hello, Bela

You really study Korean hard to work on 4hours a day. I can't tell how long it takes to be able to speak Korean fluently since started. It depends on your effort and passion to learn Korean. Keep on going and you will speak well soon. ^^
March 12, 2018
Bela Sande
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