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About conjuctions

on account of,because of,due to,owing to,in view of,on the grounds of

Are all the same meaning?

Can ı use these conjuctions instead of each other?

Mar 12, 2018 4:04 PM
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Yes and no. They all mean the same thing more or less, but a few of them are far too formal for day-to-day speech. For example:

Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?
Student: I didn't do my homework on the grounds of a power outage.

While this is understandable and acceptable, it's not common to hear the phrase "on the grounds of" in such a case, where "because of" or "due to" would be more fitting.

In view of is a bit of a special case because it doesn't really indicate a cause and effect relationship in the same fashion as the others you listed. It's more of an associative phrase as in the below example.

Presenter: In view of your company's recent accomplishments in the field of cardiac surgery, we would like to present you with this plaque.

Judge: In view of your good behavior in the county jail, I hereby reduce your sentence from the maximum of 10 years to 5 years of incarceration....

March 12, 2018
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