I don't want to study lesson anymore What should I do about that? help me out
Mar 12, 2018 7:46 PM
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At your level, I do not think you need to study in a formal way anymore.  I think you can just look for things that you might enjoy doing in English, like watching English movies and reading English books.  I think you can also look for people you would enjoy talking to.  

I take a lot of lessons, but almost none of them involve studying the way I studied in school, so I never get tired of it.  My teachers/tutors watch interesting things with me in my target language and we talk about them.  They point out to me things like colocations-- the way phrases sound more natural in my target language.  I enjoy reading and movies in my target language, and just talking about these things with native speakers is much more fun than ¨studying.¨ 

March 12, 2018

hello Ege, Ihave several hints to give you.

1st, learning is step by step, so have practical objective: for example "being able to use may:must correctly, and celebrate every little improvement.

Work with materials you like, watch series, listen to your favourite songs carefully and then look for the lyrics. 

Have simple objective : work 5 minutes a day. it isn't a lot, so days you don't want to work, you can think that it isn't big deal to work 5 min. Days you have more motivation, you will work more than 5 minutes without thinking :-)

Last but not least, write why you want to learn. It will give you some motivation.

Good luck 

March 12, 2018
Just totally relax yourself and learn nothing then whenever you are blank enough, start to think what you need most to learn and to enjoy.  
March 12, 2018
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