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Felicity Thébault
The perfect tool for translating!

Hi all!

For a while now, during our language lessons my school has always told us to avoid using google translate when doing homework due to its unreliable translations and questionable grasp of grammar structure. Instead, however, they have always pressed us to try and use what I think has been the most helpful tool in my language learning to date:

Users of italki, i present to you,!

Sorry if that was a little underwhelming, but I can almost guarantee you''re going to fall in love with the website! One could compare it to italki in certain senses, what with the forums you can use to ask language-related questions, however I almost exclusively use it for translating words from English to other languages or vice-versa. It's incredible for grasping and explaining the several meanings one word may have whilst also giving you different examples of context you can use it in, and better yet, you can even look up metaphors and phrases commonly used in different countries!

But alas, I shouldn't spoil too much ;)

If any of you are up to a new language learning challenge, I 100% recommend you check it out -- who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised! :-)

Mar 12, 2018 9:49 PM
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But only english-spanish if you want look for spanish- French wordreference have some failures, I heard this for others person that study Modern languages.
March 12, 2018
You're right. I use it for French too but I always double check with my teachers if the meaning is what it says it is. A lot of the time the translations can be outdated, however for short words or normal phrases I find it incredibly helpful!
March 13, 2018
Felicity Thébault
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