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Bridge to Nowhere   (26 min, En subs)

It's one of the most(if not the most) moving documentaries I've ever seen, making you feel some kind of hollowness. Even though I've watched this film a few times, I still don't have anything to say about it. Actually, it's needless to say anything.
Mar 13, 2018 12:11 AM
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Thank you for sharing, Samir.
I’m keen on risky activities and I couldn’t help leaving the comment for having a chance to get other opinions. 

Why do they do this? Who knows? 
I think that base jumping is about people’s spiritual experience rather then having”the simple adrenaline”, which you can get doing any parkour flight in a city and minimise risk,as me and my friends do. Of course, I realise that the level of adrenaline can’t be compared. 
Though it was tough watching, I’m glad I could stand it as this film has strengthened my faith( I didn’t feel any hollowness). 
I believe that base jumping is about changing consciousness, overcoming and moving forward in your personal development.I’m definitely not ready yet to get such spiritual experience deliberately.However, people are different. Some in this film were talking only about having adrenaline. It reminded me monks who also have so different attitudes even having the same goal ( I spent some time living in a monastery). 

One of my favourite episodes in the film is where A.Fomichev(17:30) talking philosophically reasoning.

So, “why” is still a big question for me.  
March 13, 2018
You might want to put a trigger warning on this film. That first scene is pretty upsetting.
March 13, 2018
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