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Hossein Askari
Are you an early bird?

Have you ever seen sunrise, live? 

I have, sometimes.

It's a very pleasant everyday pleasure which we take for granted.

What's your take? 

How do you feel watching the sun coming up?

Mar 13, 2018 6:26 AM
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For some time I was working in a company that had most of the offices facing the east. At the time I was getting every day to the office half and hour earlier just to be on a balcony and watch the sunrise occuring in  the sky. It was a refreshing and calming beginning of the day. During that time I made a collection of photos that is very dear to me. City, combination of modern and traditional buildings, red roofs, trees, birds and the sunrise which always looked differently depending on the season, atmosphere, weather and the air... How do I feel about that? Very grateful. :)
March 13, 2018
Oh so beauty full ,i like sunset :)
March 13, 2018
Due to my work I meet the sunrises quiet often)   And yes, I agree. Sometimes we forget to admire simple things wich are definitely worth that.
March 13, 2018
I love to see it. But I like to read and post in the discussion forum and if I check it at night, I always stay up late. And I can't get up early next morning. I'm not an early bird. I'm a night owl. I have to change my lifestyle! 
March 13, 2018

it's dafinitely amazing watch the sunrise. I always admire it on the bus I'm going to college.

March 13, 2018
Hossein Askari
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