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If you had an absolute memory... What would you do?
Mar 13, 2018 8:16 PM
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I do not know what I would do, but surely I would feel a little bit bad. It is better to be able to forget what wasn’t positive about one’s life and cherish only the good memories.

Oblivion (in the sens of forgetting offenses ) helps us to move on.

March 14, 2018
Remember, forgetting and ignoring are two different mechanisms. The brain has numerous mechanisms to combat bad memories to advoid mental damage or overpowering. 
If you were not able to forget or to rarely forget, then your brain will ignore the bad memories and other memories it deems as unnecessary/useless.
Having great memory doesn't have as much negatives as you'd think.

With all that being said, I'd study more subjects. If I didn't forget, then my mental age which equates to half of your IQ would increase at a giant pace.
I'd become perhaps one of the best public speakers in history.
March 13, 2018

Jacob made a good point about memory that some sorts of ignorance might be a necessity for us to keep moving on and help us out of some difficulty then we are possibly to have a better future. 

Thanks for your point to enrich us. To forgive somebody who treated you unfair with hatred is not an easy task for some people, but it is a mechanism that many people have to learn and get used to so that they can have a far vision for the future.  

People are often saying: "we can forgive but we cannot forget". Some people cannot forgive historic occurrence in the past is simply because the mistake has not been well identified, recognized and admitted by the mistake maker. 

"I wish I had a perfect memory." 
You may play some games to learn skills to enhance your memory.  No doubt, learning new vocabulary is one of ways to enhance your retention, but ignorance is another story, I would have to argue. 

March 14, 2018

For me, it will be a real dream to have an absolute memory. That’s true, it will can be a little bit difficult because you can’t forget anything, but I will be abble to learn all books from every subjects perfectly! Just I read it one time and I remember all words.

March 14, 2018
It would be a nightmare. If you can't forget, you can't filter out the important things. There are people who literally can remember everything. It's like a mental disorder. The brain needs to prioritize the information. Maybe we don't really forget things but we just push some infos back and feel like we've forgotten them but they can be brought back by certain triggers or hypnosis. People even forget childhood abuse but it's a way to protect themselves. They bury the painful memories somewhere deep down in their mind.
March 14, 2018
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