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Natalia St-Va
Can you recognise people by their writing style?
I'm continuing to think about the writing style:) 

I’ve  thought recently is it easy/difficult to recognise someone rely on his/her writing style.

 As a result of my speculations, I’ve reached the conclusion that I rarely can do it. However, if someone writing has real distinctive features such as a great and specific sense of humour or strong logic, or soft intellectual manner, or ability to express ideas clearly in a few words ,
Or as in my case:) - often express effusive emotions and have a tendency to “ invent words”, it would be possible. 

 What do you think?

 If you can do it, what features in style might help you?

What your “writing voice”is? ( = your writing style features).
I’d like to add one more question. Can you see any difference in writing styles 
base on national/cultural differences? 
Thank you 

Mar 13, 2018 8:45 PM
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Yes, most people have their own writing style. Like Miriam, I usually identify writers within a line or so and I'm nearly always right.

I can think of a couple of regular members here ( mentioning no names!!) who reinvented themselves with different profiles and I spotted them immediately.  You can run but you can't hide...

March 13, 2018
Yes, I can recognise a couple of italki users who frequently post in the discussion section. Often I only need to read the first line and already know who wrote it. I can't really say, how I recognise them. Everyone has a different style and I also know how many users react on certain topics. Some write jokingly, some are easily offended, some seem naive, while others have a dark humour, some are always helping, some are writing nonsense. Maybe it's also the words they use. I don't know. But it happens so often that I read a discussion and instantly think "Ah, X wrote this post, Y wrote that post" and in most cases I'm right.
March 13, 2018


Do you know any secret techniques as I'm going to tell the truth on public ( without details). 

This was my case actually. I mean I was blocked (I asked about it myself but changed my mind)  - so to be in touch again, I created another account.  It's not the same thing we are discussing here but anyway, as we’ve touched this issue, I should have said my case as well. 

March 13, 2018
Thank you, Kseniia. 

1. Writing style:  
Kseniia  ”'s also about the content (a voice of reason VS nonsense; emotional VS emotionless, humorous VS as serious..')
Miriam   “ ...users react on certain topics”
Su.Ki   “...identify writers within a line or so”

 I agree with all of you and see no crucial difference. I just couldn’t formulate it in a few words as Miriam did.   Do you see any difference? I mean why you are scared?  I think we found the key =a tight relationship between someone's writing style and psychology/attitudes. 

2. Privacy
 Perhaps it was hard  to avoid any connection of this topic and some situations on Italki though it would be great.
My fault. No one shouldn't be forced what to do. However, I personally prefer to avoid  any  fraud" communication because I simply won’t be able to believe this person =>  It’s nothing about privacy or using nickname/pics. 

3. Nationalities and writing styles:
I agree ( sometimes -yes; sometimes -no). It often depends readers “well-roundness-ness” (but I'm talking about outstanding writers only). For example without understanding  humorous backgrounds, it’s hard to distinguish many writers Russian writers from others all over the world. But Dostoyevsky’s style is seemed to me so Russian ( though we have Bulgakov and Dovlatov). 
March 14, 2018

Only those who write short comments. Probably because I don't read the long ones, no matter what. It's a matter of principle to me. 

March 14, 2018
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