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Suade سُعَادٌ
ــــــ Time ــــــ

Time isn't something isolated from us like a tree, an inkwell or a book.
It isn't that balance spring our wristwatch contains, but it's something that enfolds us.
Each of us has his own time. 
Our emotions and our concerns... 
They are the real watch that controls our time making it long or short ..
Our joy makes hours pass like moments. 
Our pain makes moments heavy, long and terrifying. They pass like years or longer.


The Secret of Death/ Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud


(My humble translation)

2018年3月13日 23:10
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I grew up reading for Dr. Mostafa Mahmoud and I have many of his books :)

This man is a genius, whether he writes in MSA or using Egyptian dialect, his writings always showed

his creativity. Do you also remember his tv show العلم والإيمان?

I felt this deep sadness after he died 9 years ago! Thank you, Suade for sharing your translation to one

of his literary texts. As a translator from English-Arabic, I find it hard to translate to my target language

"English", especially when it comes to literature, so I believe you are very brave to do so.

I totally agree with Phil; your writings always amaze me and I enjoyed reading your translation a lot.

Do you agree that the original text is more like prose or literary text? I believe this is the Arabic text: 

.إن الزمن ليس شيئًا منعزلًا عنا مثل الشجرة و المحبرة و الكتاب .. ليس زمبلكًا تحتويه ساعة اليد .. و لكنه شيء يلابسنا"

.لكل منا زمن خاص به. عواطفنا و اهتماماتنا هي الساعة الحقيقية التي تضبط الزمن و تطيله أو تقصره. أفراحنا تجعل ساعاتنا لحظات

".وآلامنا تجعل لحظاتنا طويلة مريرة ثقيلة مثل السنين وأطول

Sometimes I feel like knocking my head on the wall when I hear the young generation praising, let's

say, Ahlam Mosteghanemi, and I ask myself: what has literature come to?

The fact that she's even considered a writer irritates me O_o

Nice poem, Suade. You are very brave to attempt a translation into a foreign language. Professional translation of poetry is a highly specialized skill that goes far beyond just speaking more than one language. Usually, one would hire a translator specializing in poetry, and even then, the specialist would only attempt to translate into his native language — not the other way around.

I’m not at all familiar with the poem, and not much of a poet myself, so I can’t really say how well you did. There are a few things I would word differently, either on stylistic or rhythmic grounds, but I can say that your version is correct, natural (poetic) English that could easily have been written by a native speaker. Keep up the good work!
Thank very much, Phil. Your words are very encouraging.
I wrote this a while back and I felt it might be a good idea to reshare it. As Mumtaz said, it isn't a poem rather it is more like a stream of thoughts in a literary form. I liked its meaning and loved to translate it into English. It is a something that happens a lot with me as when I read an interesting text in Arabic, I find myself trying to translate it into English in mind. It is very challenging and I don't usually attempt to write it down. I posted some of the things I translated here on italki and I did translate a poem from Arabic to English. It was indeed a difficult task and I tried my best to write the meaning and the essence of the poem in English.
Thank you a lot, Mumtaz. I am very pleased to know that you find what I share on italki enjoyable to read.
I also like the writing style of Dr. Mustafa and his TV program as well.
I read some of his books and I enjoyed the way he analysed, reflected and discussed various things in a simple yet indepth way. For Ahlam Mosteghanemi, I haven't read any of her books, so I can't judge. I have heard a lot about her famous novel,  الأسود يليق بك (Black Suits You). I planned to read it, but this haven't happend yet =].
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