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Natalia St-Va
May I ask you help please- - what is the role of " shall" in the following sentences?
Could you please help me to understand the role of " shall" in the following sentences. please. I've asked already about using "shall" and got an answer that is mainly about making suggestions. So, I apologise for asking againd. 

I was reading a book written in the nineteen century but with a modern translation into English.

 1. I always liked you, and I am sure we shall understand each other (suggestion)

2. but I shall never be able to forgive myself. (suggestion)

3. With all my heart, dear aunt; she will be always as a sister to me, and shall not be in want of anything as long as I live.(?)

4. Forgive and forget if you can, though I shall never forgive myself. (suggestion)

I think in all sentences, except the third, " shall"  is suggestion ( I have no ideas about third one). Is it correct understanding?  
Thank you 
14 mars 2018 00:00
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Brett is young. I'm old and old-fashioned! I still say shall sometimes in situations like going to the shops. I shall go to the shops later. And I use it for emphasis - I SHALL go to the shops know, if someone says I can't go.
14 mars 2018

Shall is pretty much an archaic construction today, with the few minor exceptions mentioned above like „shall we leave now“ which can always be substituted with „should we leave now.“ Shall could easily just be dropped from the language, and probably should be, with „will“ or „should“ being substituted in its place, and no one even miss it or notice it being gone. Any distinctions anyone tries to draw between „shall“ and „will“ today are artificial. We know today a „rule“ was invented by some bishop in the 17th Century about this, who tried to say „shall“ should be used in one way and „will“ in a different way but, noted linguist and intellectual Noam Chomsky calls this distinction complete nonsense. 

14 mars 2018

In a lot of older texts, you can read it as being equivalent to "will". In most forms of modern English, it's used for suggestions that are formed as questions - for example, I would never say "I shall go to the shops" (instead, I would say "I will go the shops"), however, you could say "Shall we go to the shops?"

I hope that helps! :)

14 mars 2018

Thank you, SHL.

Lucky me,  this is my second attempt as I posted a similar question some time ago, I have the whole picture now:) 

14 mars 2018
A 'threat,' Margo? Я не понимаю
14 mars 2018
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