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Who would like to join a growing group of language learners of 30 accessible languages?


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language learners group

Hi there!! Now we have a community for language learners on the app called Discord.
The 31 accessible languages are : Arabic, Cantonese, catalan, Danish, dutch, English, farsi, finnish, French, german, greek, Hebrew, hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, latin, mandarin,Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian,Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, thai, Turkish ,Vietnamese and Hungarian.
The advantages of using Discord are that we do not need to share personal things like phone numbers,photos and other things, You just have to create a loggin. Although discord was made for gamers, it allows us to create a well organized community with a bunch of rooms and that's what I did.
In this group you can talk with members writing and calling in group, ask  grammar questions to natives, listen to the radio, there’s a space to basic levels and more.
-Install discord on your phone:
- access the community on you phone:

I like this app and the group. There are really nice people on there.

Maybe there are some of us Danish learners or Danish natives that like to join as well.

Vi glæder os at møde jer! ;)

Mar 14, 2018 11:22 AM
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