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Nicole ニコル
Korean alphabet pronunciation (please help)

Hi, I just started learning Korean and I cannot tell the difference between     and        . Their sounds are so similar, they're almost the same to me. I have this impression that ㄱ is pronounced with more air so it sounds softer, and   ㅋ  has slightly less air so it's more distinct. Please tell me if I'm being completely wrong.

I'm fine with the others although still struggling with ㄷ. It's finding the sound between 'd' and 't' I'm struggling with.

Mar 14, 2018 9:00 PM
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I see you have some troubles with aspirated sounds in Korean. There are some sounds made by releasing breath from the lungs with a sudden puff, such as 'ㅊ', 'ㅋ', 'ㅌ', and 'ㅍ'.
You might not tell them from 'ㅈ', 'ㄱ', 'ㄷ', 'ㅂ'.

☆ 'ㅊ', 'ㅋ', 'ㅌ', and 'ㅍ' sound stronger than 'ㅈ', 'ㄱ', 'ㄷ' and 'ㅂ'.
☆ ㅊ', 'ㅋ', 'ㅌ', and 'ㅍ' sound similar to 'ch', 'k', 't', 'p' and 'ㅈ', 'ㄱ', 'ㄷ', and 'ㅂ' sound like 'j', 'g', 'd', and 'b' in English.

As torch says, you can find some lessons about Korean alphabet pronunciation on You Tube.
March 14, 2018
ㅋ I feel is more like a "solid" K, while ㄱ is like a softer K and often like G if in between vowels. I guess the ㄱ sound is somewhere in in the middle between G and K. There are several pronunciation guides on YouTube that might be helpful. 
March 14, 2018
Nicole ニコル
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