I've a really big problem with writing Even I'm able to understand really difficult texts and speaking fluently, there is something about writing that I stuck when I try to write something in English and I'm sick of tired to this situation please help me out what am I suppose to do cause I lost the patience I tried  several ways to rectify this problem but it didn't work
Mar 15, 2018 8:57 AM
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hi edge, usually I use scheme, first I write three or four introductions at depen of formal or informal documents,for example, Mr, hello there, to whom to may concern or my Darling NAME, secondly , I write general sentences for writing diferents topics,letters,articles blog , in fact you can do a list with general sentences and them ,you write in the text this senteces and fill it with the words of topic. I use this trick in  exams, I think that is important to read books and articles with the dicctionary in hand .you learnt a lot of Word for using in your writing.

I discovered italki days ago, and if you write in blog, you able to practise a lot of .  


March 15, 2018
Start writing sort sentences; then sowly increase the complexity. 
Your original post is written well.
What are you struggling with?
March 15, 2018

There is a solution for every problem. In your case you should take some English writing and composition classes. here is an example of a better way to compose the paragraph you wrote above.

    I'm able to understand difficult text and I can speak English fluently. However there is something about writing English that I find very difficult.  I'm sick and tired of this situation, please help me out! What am I suppose to do? I've lost patience, I've tried several ways to rectify this problem, but it didn't work.

March 15, 2018
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