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Syria the land of love & kind I have a question for the Syrians & I hope this   discussion    between all of us here in italki  to be just cultured and civilized discussion if the war ended in Syria & the country became in peace whatever who won the war   will you come back home or not ?
Mar 15, 2018 4:49 PM
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Sorry Ezzat, I am not Syrian but I allow myself to start the discussion. The question is what kind of guarantees will the winners (whoever they are...notice the plural!) give to the refugees that there will be no retaliation against them?

Where will they go? To their destroyed homes and cities? Who will help them to build up a new existence in their home country when they spent the last few years trying hard to learn Norwegian, German, French , Italian?

Maybe the numerous refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt (the three Arabic countries who generously welcomed them) will go back and build up refugee camps in their own country. What about the Syrians who are displaced in their homeland? It will take a long time to heal all the wounds.

But Lebanon was able to end a long civil war and rebuild a country in the respect of its diversity. Europe is living in peace since 72 years, at the exception of the cruel war in ex Yugoslavia . So do other countries who were involved in WWII like Japan which was the victim of nuclear bombing.

Humankind seems capable of the worst atrocities and then move on and reconstruct, though the human price is quite high. Every time people say “never again!” .

March 15, 2018
I believe it depends on whether they have been assimilated by the country they traveled to or not. If they have already formed a family in there and they have successfully built a new home there, then chances are that they won't return to Syria, even after the civil war ends. On the other hand, if the target country fails to host them properly and they think they have not been successful in building a new home there, then they would probably wait for a few years for the dust to settle before they return to Syria, but they will finally return to Syria when the dust has settled and Syria has become relatively stable again.
March 15, 2018
It should be difference between refugees who run away due war and economics refugees. I guess that second bigger groupe don't have any reason come back to Siria
March 15, 2018
The idea here is you will take the decision to go back or not & if the Syrian refuges have a good life in any other country and they have a guarantee  to live the same life in Syria after the end of war surly they will come back home 
March 17, 2018
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