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how to lost weight about 5kg in two months?
Mar 16, 2018 3:54 AM
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Here's an old joke.

Q "How can I get rid of 5kg of ugly fat right away?'

A "Cut off your head"

March 19, 2018
Transfer it to me. I need it to build my muscles.

Alright, cardiovascular exercise should help.

Start a gym membership and take it seriouly and hiring a personal trainer can accelerate and get you there faster.

March 16, 2018
I suppose you can understand this Japanese 糖質制限。糖質does not mean sugar.
You should stop eating rice , bread , potato, pasta at least at dinner.
l lost 10kiro gram in 3months.
March 20, 2018
Take a nice long walk every day. Listen to a podcast while you walk, so you're learning languages and exercising at the same time.
March 20, 2018
Drink lemon juice without sugar and practice sport
March 20, 2018
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