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What areas do you find most difficult when you are learning Cantonese? 有咩方面你地學緊廣東話既時候係覺得最難?


I would like to know what the hardest part are while learning Cantonese? Which areas hold you back from the next level? Feel free to share your opinion and I will give you some advice according to my experience :) 




Mar 16, 2018 5:01 AM
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The 6 tones, and pronunciation of some words, such as "ngo", "ng"
March 22, 2018

Hi 呀Jack,係呀,香港、澳門同台灣都唔係用簡體字,所以對睇開簡體字既人係好難呀!我認為學寫作前,最緊要係學左識睇先,你係識睇繁體字?只係唔識寫?

Hi Jack, HK, Macau and Taiwan use traditional instead of simplified Chinese which can be quite difficult for Mandarin speakers. I think it's more important to learn how to read before start writing. Can you read traditional Chinese or you just simply do not know how to write it?


I learnt how to writes simplified Chinese by myself. The thing is Cantonese speakers can read simplified Chinese but not necessarily know how to write. At first, I learnt the most common words and kept writing in hand. Practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the better you write. The reason why you should learn the most common words first is they are commonly used by native speakers so you have more chances to write them while typing or writing letters to someone. After you learn the basic and common words, you can go to the next level. I remembered when I was preparing for my high school Chinese history examination, my essays were mostly written in simplified Chinese because I could write faster with less strokes. I started to forget some traditional Chinese characters (not good haha) :P 


Hope it helps! 

March 16, 2018

hmm, when I first started there was a lot of sounds that I thought sound the same, which native speakers think sound completely different which lead to some interesting conversations. Like I said 陰道 instead of 印度. 

Also with the tones and the sounds being so short, it made listening very difficult for me, so I put off learning Characters and focused entirely on listening every day.

Now I am starting to read/write I find the volume of characters a challenge, but it's getting easier and easier with time, and just taking my time is helping a lot.

The thing is its difficult and time consuming to look up words, when reading paper back books, so the lack of electronic reading resources/stories to read in spoken Cantonese is annoying at times, but I have still found some good things.

April 2, 2018
April 2, 2018


April 2, 2018
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