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happy persian new year!! how much do you know about persian new year which is called"nowrooz"?
16. März 2018 05:24
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I'm an azerbaijanian and Novruz is our most favourite festival. Before the 20/21 of March we celebrate Tuesdays of 4 forthcoming weeks, each of them stand for 4 elements( water, fire, wind, soil). We do a lot of cooking( shora, shekerbura, pakhlava etc.).

The most important thing is Samani (green shoots from wheat seeds placed in the centre of "Khonca" with candles , dyed, decorated eggs around it). It's a symbol of Novruz in Azerbaijan . 

well, there are a lot of things to be told)) it's difficult to list everything . I would love to know about the way Novruz celebrated in other countries. 

16. März 2018
Here in Kyrgyzstan we celebrate Nooruz. Families do up their Nooruz dinners, and a bound thing -- sumolok is sold in the streets, where people celebrate. It is a beverage from germinated wheat.
16. März 2018

Huh? It's not Nowruz yet!

For foreigners who don't know what Nowruz is, it's the Persian new year and it's celebrated on March 20th this year, because 2018 is a leap year. Normally, it's celebrated on March 21st in solar years. Astronomically, it marks the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere of the Earth and it coincides with the Earth entering the Aries constellation.

16. März 2018

Saale no mobaark. Sad saal be in saal-ha:) (In Persian)

I know that people go crazy celebrating and welcoming the new year by singing and dancing, right?:)

16. März 2018
well done guys
16. März 2018
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