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Human Nature Is human nature constant or is it molded by culture? Can human nature be completely changed by culture or society?
Mar 17, 2018 8:03 AM
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Ahton, no problem, no offence. Thanks for your comment.
I was trying to do an example through "the lie". I tried don't lie every day and teaching my children don't lie too. I don't like the lie, but sometimes I ask me, What is the polite or the hypocrisy that everybody accepts?
But, we can think about a human characteristic ( only human), for example, the goodness. I think that the goodness exists and I think that the same person in different situations or times or cultures has different behaviour about its goodness, therefore the human nature change by different situations.

(please, anyone could check my text. Thank you.)
Thanks Graham for helping me with my previous text.
March 19, 2018

I read it somewhere that we are created by nature, edited by evolution and shaped by the environment around us. Our behaviour mostly depends on the environment or societies we are living in and greatly influenced by the culture we have been following from the beginning. 

There is no doubt that our cultures culture the way we think or behave to some extent BUT, I don't think it is constant. I mean Culture is a dynamic thing and so as our adoptability. If I move to another place, I will get influenced by their culture and it may make me see things in a bit different manner than I used to(irrespective of whether I like it or not) and slowly it may make me behave the way other people behaving around me.

Ok, so in conclusion, human nature is not constant and the culture, situation and some other factors play a great role in changing the course of human nature.

March 17, 2018

Ana, you have a very superficial idea about a human nature. You mix in one mess the good lie and the perjury.

please no offence, we are just practicing a language

March 17, 2018
My view is the human nature doesn't exist. I believe in animal nature. The human nature is an animal nature modified by society. The human behaviour changes depending on the historical period, age, stage, the country, etc. The basic human nature is constant, but that is an animal nature.
Everyone thinks the animal nature is bad or worse the human nature ( more sophisticated), but that's is an influence of Occidental thought.
For example the lie. The lie is a resource very useful in nature. It is a cost means to survive, but the lie in the human nature is a bad and condemnable behaviour. Why? Have we modified our nature or only do we hide it?

(please, anyone could check my text? Thank you)
March 17, 2018
One can change his or her human nature to better by his or her own will. Often this happens despite of society rather than owing to it. However a culture might help, but if you imply an art.
March 17, 2018
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