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St.Patric's day. Happy St.Patrick's day the emertald Isle Ireland!!

I wonder who does celebrate it? How it's going?

For example, in St.Petersburg we do dance, sing  in some pubs and there's a long great St.Patrick's party in the concert-hall. In the cinema it's Irish fest movies.

I tried it twice and can say that I 've never seen so many happy people!
Even you cann't dance in professional eay, there're many nice and simple folk dances. I really love it!

And I love this fest,for the music, and the way people dressing. Wish this day will be more popular here.

Mar 17, 2018 8:23 AM
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I've just answered a similar topic, so I hope you don't mind if I paste part of my answer (it'd be so hard retyping it on my phone!)

Paddy's Day is the biggest holiday in Ireland and there are festivities all over the country.

Here in Dublin, even though there are lots of things going on, the most popular attraction is the parade that starts at Parnell Square and ends at St. Patrick's Cathedral. People from all over the world take part and you see tons of people dressed in green. The parade lasts about 2 hours. Afterwards people go for some paints.

(By the way, "emerald isle" is an American thing lol)

March 17, 2018
In Ireland, it's "Paddy's Day" as "Paddy" is short for Pádraig (which is "Patrick" in Irish)

Americans refer to Ireland as "Emerald Isle" but people don't really say it here

March 17, 2018
@Allie@ how's the righ informal way,than :)?
And what do you mean by American thing:))?
March 17, 2018
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