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Do you usually buy some souvenirs when you visit a place?
2018年3月18日 06:57
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 Prefer small flag as a souvenir but they are not so common . 

I try to avoid buying anything for myself. I'm not a trinket person.

If I'm on an international business trip it is difficult not to feel like I need to to bring something back for the kids. I find however that it is better if I bring something they can use or eat (e.g.  pencils, local chocolates), rather than straight out dust collectors, ornaments. 

I usually buy some souvenirs when I travel alone, mostly out of feeling a little guilty for spending time away from my family. When we travel as a family, we buy souvenirs for close family and/or friends probably because it has become somewhat of a tradition and they expect you to.  

I do. I always try to buy something small and meaningful.

For example, I have got a tradition. Wherever I go, I buy a cool T-shirt for my brother!:))))

 Yeah .
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