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If you could have a wings? ~*~ I know maybe everything possible in the future, but let's imagine that we have a wings, like this eagle ,what would you do?

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Mar 18, 2018 11:21 AM
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From "My Airships," by Alberto Santos-Dumont, 1904:

I cannot say at what age I made my first kites, but I remember how my comrades used to tease me at our game of "Pigeon flies!" All the children gather round a table, and the leader calls out: "Pigeon flies!" "Hen flies!" "Crow flies!" "Bee flies!" and so on, and at each call we were supposed to raise our fingers. Sometimes, however, he would call out "Dog flies!" "Fox flies!" or some other like impossibility, to catch us. If anyone raised a finger he was made to pay a forfeit. Now my playmates never failed to wink and smile mockingly at me when one of them called "Man flies!" for at the word I would always lift my finger very high, as a sign of absolute conviction, and I refused with energy to pay the forfeit.

Among the thousands of letters which I received after winning the Deutsch prize there was one that gave me particular pleasure. I quote from it as a matter of curiosity:

"... Do you remember the time, my dear Alberto, when we played together 'Pigeon flies!'? It came back to me suddenly the day when the news of your success reached Rio.

"'Man flies!' old fellow! You were right to raise your finger, and you have just proved it by flying round the Eiffel Tower. "You were right not to pay the forfeit; it is M. Deutsch who has paid it in your stead. Bravo! you well deserve the 100,000 franc prize.

"They play the old game now more than ever at home, but the name has been changed and the rules modified—since October 19, 1901. They call it now 'Man flies!' and he who does not raise his finger at the word pays his forfeit.—
March 18, 2018
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March 18, 2018

To swim fishlike, horizontally, was the logical method in a medium eight hundred times denser than air. To halt and hang attached to nothing, no lines or air pipe to the surface, was a dream. At night I had often had visions of flying by extending my arms as wings. Now I flew without wings. (Since that first aqualung flight, I have never had a dream of flying.)

Jacques Cousteau, "The Silent World," describing his first tests of his newly-invented Aqualung (SCUBA).

March 18, 2018
I would have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Or at least a couple of new shirts and jackets. Sleeping would get problematic too, I guess.
March 18, 2018

I know maybe everything will be possible in the future, but let's imagine that we have a (no article) wings, like this eagle ,what would you do? 

If I had wings, I would travel a lot more!

March 18, 2018
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