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what is most important in life time or money?

i have time but do not have money, i heard a man say he have lots of money but he have not time for life and people

now i am fully confused about he and i

who is so rich?

Mar 18, 2018 11:41 AM
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Hard question :)
Without money, as some people say it is not a life. You need to work hard and also don't even notice how life goes,
With no time, everything doesn't make any sense.
I heard about a survey in European contries. There was only one question. Would you agree to be the richest person in the world, but live only 5 years?..interesting that 70% were agreed. So..what is the answer? Time or money? To live 90 years in hard circumstances or 5 years and to see for me..better 90..
March 18, 2018
Time or money depends on your age and responsibilities... 
Let me tell you my experience.. when I was teenager I had time and no money, but what did I need the money to? For clothes and go out with friends, nothing important. 

Now I'm 29 and married, I don't have time but I have to have money to pay bills..  

I miss my poor but free times.
Just Live your moment, if you are young dependent of your parents, take an advantage of that, study, play, learn... When you are in your productive time, 22-40 work hard and not waste to much but save money... And sheeter you get an economical Independence enjoy your money.

 But in any moment you are in, always enjoy life, you don't need money to enjoy your favorite music, a sunset, a free day with friends or family, enjoy The small and wonderful things life give us for free.
March 18, 2018
Maybe this is too cheesy, but time is perhaps the most important resource. 
Time exist, thus we exist. We exist, thus  societies were formed. Societies exist,  thus trading became a norm. Trading exist, thus currency was created.
With time, I can get in shape, learn to sing, study, work to get money, explore,  and lots of other things.
Unlike money currently, time is limited.  One day we'll all run out of time. That is the way life goes.
March 18, 2018
Really interested observation. Particularly I think that the main factor for a good life is the balance. In all areas of our lives. Money and work are just one is these areas. To live a life without money can be hard. However, to live a life for money can avoid you enjoy beautiful things of life witch are free. So, I work with commitment but I don't forget that money it's a way for something, not a goal itself.
March 18, 2018

I think most important thing in our life is happiness .you may have lots of money and time but if are not happy with it then everything is just useless. 

Its true that if you are rich then everyone wants to be with you respect you but they are fake just want your money not you .

And if you are happy they will always find a way to earn money and to have extra time for your dear ones 

March 18, 2018
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