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How can I memorize a lot phrasal verbs ?

I don't know if there are a lot of people with the same difficulty, but I have been studying phrasal verbs for a long time and I cannot memorize main phrasal verbs used day by day by native speakers. When I remember of the verb I forget the preposition (or adverb) and vice versa.

I have read some articles about and I have realized that there is not any magic, in other words, I have gotta study a lot, besides practice phrasal verbs all day.

So, I do not have pretty much choices.

Do you get some tips about how to help to memorize the phrasal verbs ?



19 de Mar de 2018 às 11:05
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I have read that psychologists believe most people learn better when they create a mental picture of something they want to learn. This trick is usually used by magicians and entertainers when they memorize a long list of numbers or cards in front of an audience. For example, when you read a list of numbers to a magician, they translate the numbers into different tangible pictures in their mind in a systematic fashion and then they create a short story with those mental pictures. Then, instead of memorizing the numbers, they remember the story that they have made up because it's easier to remember a story than a long list of numbers. Later, when they have to recite the numbers for you, all they need to do is to translate back the mental pictures encoded in their story into numbers.

You can use a similar technique. Instead of just reading a list of phrasal verbs aloud and repeating it tens of times, you can try to come up with short funny stories about each of them. You can think of funny, humorous situations where you would use a particular phrasal verb. Or you can put a long list of phrasal verbs in front of you and then you try to come up with a big picture of what prepositions are more common, what kind of verbs a particular preposition is accompanied with the most and build an intuition or find an approximate pattern about how you can make a "guestimation" about these things.

In general, in terms of time and resources, finding an approximate method that works like 75% of times and helps you learn 30 phrasal verbs and make a few mistakes here and there is more efficient than learning 30 phrasal verbs separately.

19 de Março de 2018

Greetings Brunpipo,

Perhaps memorizing them with flashcards could be an option.

It's not always clear how to use them in practice without proper association to an event. Often their meaning is significantly different despite only a change to adverb/preposition (e.g. break off, break out, break in), but sometimes almost identical (break up, break down...)

So to create flashcards, I would use a picture in front, with the other side being an example sentence/usage with the phrasal verb -part highlighted. I would then keep increasing the size of the deck when new and difficult phrasal verbs come across.

19 de Março de 2018
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