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I'd love to help others with Farsi to participate in the community but whenever a person asks a question about Farsi language on italki , it's answered in a instant )وطنم پاره ی طنم. Maybe Iranians love answering questions;))))  So I decided to teach u guys an expression or a word every once in a while. I hope you find it useful.

ژن خوب داشتن  to have good genes

This expression got popular and used recently in Iran. When somebody's parents are rich and they use their parents' money and not their own, we label them as people who have good genes but it is used in a humiliating and funny way. It means they inherit their daddies' money like they inherit genes from their parents and they are nothing without their parents' help.
Or even when somebody's dad is in authority and his/her dad steals money from the government to make a fortune, we ironically  name the children of that corrupted man , people who have good genes.

If you have any questions, fire away:)))


بچه های اقای قاسمی که همه شون ژن خوب دارن.

2018년 3월 19일 오후 8:57
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@sum1.new4u if you really wanna defend such a person full of himself, try to evidently, i.e. scientifically prove 1st all the things you wrote about his father and mother are due to having good genes! 2nd evidently and scientifically how much of the good genes has he inherited! 3rd list his own triumphs hinting his goooood genes, not his parents'!

Life is full of cases of idiots children of gifted parents and gifted children of truly usual parents! After all as we say: گیرم پدر تو بود فاضل از فضل پدر تو را چه حاصل! I do not believe his parents are gifted people with gooood genes, they are just hardworking and focuced people. Let me tell something about myself, I say this as I have a nickname here with no photo of me and no one knows me here, I got 175 in IQ test in school when I was a first grader in high school, but I never felt having good genes! I was studious with a bad memory for memorizing schools boring lessons that we had to memorize, so I was always the 3rd or 2nd in class not the first! And I am sure being the 2nd/3rd in my class was not because my IQ test score, if it worked that way I should have been always the 1st as the first one in our class was far lower than me in the IQ test! She was not the first for having good genes, I believe! I was not the 2nd because having bad genes compered to hers! You know what I am trying to say is that if somebody  is better than others, it is naive to attribute it to having good genes!!! There are lots of  reasons that are open to investigation for avid researchers! This is my idea, but again I am ready to change it if you scientifically prove me they are successful because they have good genes!:-)

2018년 3월 23일

@sum1.new4u  I never denied the things you wrote about Mr. Aaref and his wife! I just said your reasoning for them having good genes just because they attended good universities and also teaching there is not a sound one! 

C'mon, I just told I am at odds with that goooood genes unless you can scientifically prove me wrong! It does not mean I am waiting for you to do so! Take it easy! ;-)

One more thing, almost every one in Iran knows that ruined son of Mr. Aaref! If I were Mr. Aref, I would be disappointed of my good genes having such a son that abused his father's name and attributed his so called triumphs to the good genes inherited from his parents! Such a shame!!! I feel sincerely sorry for such parents!

If we accept Mr.Aaref's son is a successful businessman because of his goooood genes, then we should admit Mr. Zanjani is way gifted than him and that his genes exceeds those of Mr. Aaref's son! LOL We can have really goood genes but leave then all useless and choose to use the bad ones we have also inhereted!

PS : Hope the font does not bother you this time! :-)

2018년 3월 24일

Yes, it is! It is hereditary! But the extent of this heriditary is not much, and also attributing success merely to genes is something I cannot buy! On the other hand that kind of attribution is something and being a braggart is another thing! That was his braggart attitude that led to the reaction of the whole Iranian nation, not his genes! But honestly I wish he used his genes, if he has inherited any that I doubt, in a better way, instead of using them to find ways abusing his father's name and power!

Happy the font is acceptable now. By the way, the font of the first comment is pretty normal and as big as the font you used on my screen! I tried to make it smaller but there were no options available to do so! 

2018년 3월 24일
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