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Join our WhatsApp group for Russian-English language exchange! Only 5 users!

Hi there!

I'm Eugene the admin of the group! We are recruiting talkative and positive persons to participate in our conversations. The group is about 70 people from all around the world including several Russian natives. We discuss everything but only in a polite way. Don't hesitate to join us right now

Our simple rules:

No racism

No religion argues

No spam

No violence and shocking content 

No porn

No PM to users of the group without their permission

And yeah you just got click baited a bit there are no amount limits for users! XD

Mar 20, 2018 9:58 AM
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I revoked the link, so if you are interested in taking a part in our group then just text me personally and I'll share the new working link.
August 27, 2018
Personal messages forbiddance is designed to avoid unwanted disturbing of users. Just ask the user you want to talk with if they don't mind to slide into PM and go ahead if they don't. 
August 23, 2018
What does "PM" stands for in the last rule?
August 23, 2018
Andrey, we consider gore and disincorporation as shocking content. I don't see any problem in political argues or discussions about a job even if it's slaughterhouse or mortuary. The main idea of the group is to help each other with languages. 
August 21, 2018
Hello) Interested)
August 21, 2018
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