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About your frightening experience Dear friends, can you tell about a frightening experience you have had. When was it? What did you do? Thanks
21 mar 2018 09:38
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I wanted to take a bath. I sat comfortably in a tub. Everything was ready and then I realized, there wasn't shampoo anymore. 
22 marzo 2018

My neighbour's cat loves to frighten me. Right now she's staring intensely at the dark corner of the corridor - and there's absolutely nothing there! I have no idea wha

22 marzo 2018
I feel frightened when Iam climbing something high..It frightened the life out of me..sometimes I dream of it.
21 marzo 2018
I only fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING the most. I was in my hanging out with my friends. All of a sudden a teacher came in and asked us out to share our opinion about our education system publicly. That was the moment I felt like I was about to die not because of my English but of my lack of social skills. And When I watched my friends speaking flawlessly I was even more nervous. So one by one they were making their opinions but when my turns came up I forgot almost everything. I gave my opinion and after that one of my friends told me about my mistakes. So basically the nervousness made that day even worse than I thought it would be.    
21 marzo 2018
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