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How is right?!

1) I'm off

2) I'm leaving

3) I will be going now. I am in a hurry.

21 مارس 2018 16:28
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I also disagree with Kevin Randall. All three sentences are correct. 

"I'm off" is quite colloquial, and is only suitable for informal conversations.

"I'm leaving" sounds quite abrupt. If you're having a conversation with someone and they suddenly say "I'm leaving", this could sound quite strange and even rude.

"I'll be going now" - with the word "will" contracted to " 'll"    - is actually the most natural of the three sentences.

21 مارس 2018
I disagree with Kevin Randall. All 3 are correct.
21 مارس 2018

Respected Madam, According to your Question:-

(1) I am off - Here off is not a sensable/suitable word it indicates Inactiveness of any thing Non Living Being - Such as The Fan is off. It is a off of office today. There will be a off of my office on Monday due to vacation.

(2) I am leaving. This sentence belongs to Present continuous Tense, This sentence indicates only the ongoing action of  the subject which is incomplete.

(3) I will be going now - These sentence indicates the action of someone which will take place in near future in progressive form which will remain  incomplete and the next    one i am going now- belongs to present continuous Tense- which indicates an action of a subject or some one going on but incomplete.

I would like to explain giving an Example- There is a group of friends who are discussing out of them  one wants  to leave and asking permission his group but it will be neither permission nor request- I would like to go as i am in a hurry. ( according to me will be right answer)

21 مارس 2018

Hi Katerina.

How is right? (What is right? or Which is right?)

1) (Correct)

2) (Correct)

3) I will be going now. I am in a hurry. (I am going now. I am in a hurry.)

"will be" the future tense with "now" is incorrect.

Hope this helps.

21 مارس 2018
Thank you very much!
21 مارس 2018
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