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Hi everyone. Im new here) My teacher of English gave me this site and gave me home work to find speaking partner here and I need to tell her about a homan which I will find here. About his/her life etc  What about me. My name is Anna. I work as flight attendant in Air company. I'm married and have one beautiful daughter she is one yars I'm in maternity leave for 1 year. My brown in long vacation) I tired to sit at home. And now I spent my time for improve my English. I would be glad to meet with new people))
2018年3月21日 20:34
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Hello Anna,

That sounds like a very good use of maternity leave. I can imagine that after traveling for work and always meeting new people, staying at home could feel very limiting.

Language learning is a great challenge! I suggest you search for a native speaker of English to help you learn, you can search and perhaps find someone who also speaks Russian (they would be able to help explain more difficult things to you). Or someone who is learning Russian, and the learning can go both ways!

I'm a very unreliable language partner (I don't message often) but feel free to message me once in a while. I'm a native English speaker living in Wales (U.K.)

My sister has recently started to learn Russian but I don't think she uses iTalki. I'll suggest it to her.

Good luck! And best wishes to you and your daughter.

 Hello to you ! 
I agree with Angela that it is a good opportunity to learn English now that you are on maternity leave. I wish you good luck with your studies.
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