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the importance of economic independence in a relationship Hello ,do you think it’s important to keep economic independence in relationship?especially for girls,I would be grateful if you could share your opinions here .I have been thinking about it for a long time .
2018년 3월 22일 오전 3:20
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I have seen a lot of women who stay in bad relationships because they are economically dependent.  When women are economically dependent on a man, their fears tend to lead them to put up with abuse or irresponsible behavior they would never accept if they felt economically free to leave. I think women make far more rational relationship decisions when they are economically independent. 
2018년 3월 24일
Absolutely essential. Make sure you have your own bank account, income, and pension. 
2018년 3월 22일
I can only subscribe to what the other posters wrote. As a woman I always found it essential not to depend financially on anybody in my adult life. Of course my parents contributed to finance my academic studies. But once I was working I was independent and kept being it until now. I have my own bank account and my husband has his and we have a common one for all the outlays of the family. We contribute to it according to our respective income. We have a rather healthy relationship towards money, it is important for us that nobody gets infantilized.  
2018년 3월 28일
Yes sure, It's very important  to keep the economic independence or almost a good income to allow the woman or also the man to take own decision without rely each other. 
2018년 3월 28일
Kennth. In response to your query, economic independence has nothing to do with your parents. It is normal for parents to care for their children financially and emotionally, usually. Economic independence is why people work or start businesses so they can support their own lifestyle, own their own home, start their own family. Economic independence supposedly gives women the freedom to leave abusive or unhealthy relationships. If only it were so simple.  
2018년 3월 28일
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