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Spanish grammar

Here's a sentence (Platiquemos FSI, U.15) I cannot explain grammatically: "Voy a buscar un taxi y a alguien que noslleve las maletas."

The context: The  narrator is going out from the customs and is going to find a taxi and someone who will help them with the suitcases.

I would say: "Voy a buscar un taxi y alguien que noslleva las maletas."

My points: Verb "buscar" does not require personal "a" when it is about an unknown person. "Noslleve" is the Imperaitive form of llevar and it should not be used in this context. Where am I wrong? Thank you for explanations.

Mar 22, 2018 4:39 PM
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Creo que le confunda la función de "a" en este ejemplo. Definitivamente no es la de "un conectivo de los verbos"

En todo caso, ¡muchas gracias!

March 22, 2018

In my experience with spanish since i was born haha i think....Verb "buscar" requires "a" when you talk about person for exemple: quiero a todos, necesito a alguien. But when you are talking about some specific thing of the person you can use it  or not, so its  correct to say: buscar a alguien que me ayude  o buscar alguien que me ayude.

And nos lleve (separated). El verbo llevar se está usando en modo subjuntivo, es decir después de una expresión que indica una acción presente o futura, en este caso sería  futuro nos lleve, nos lleva  es presente por lo tanto es incorrecto ya que la acción es a futuro. Espero haber ayudado un poco. ¡Disculpas por mi inglés tan malo!

March 22, 2018

The verb "buscar" doesn't need an "a", because the correct form of say it would be: "Buscaré un taxi". But this way of talking is accepted in Spanish.

When people speak with friends or family, they usually use an informal way of speaking, this is where you can see this kind of phrases. : )

March 22, 2018
"When used as direct objects, the pronouns alguien (somebody), nadie (nobody) and quién (whom) require the personal a. So do alguno (some) and ninguno (none) when referring to people."
March 22, 2018
    • Gregority,

    • You're right with Sunjunctive. I'm not up to it yet. The verb
    • "buscar" is more confusive because of "a". 
    • It's clear that there's no preposition used with the verb. For this particular case
    • I've just found the answer:
    • Thank you all for your help.
March 22, 2018
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