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Yese Sanchez
What is the hardest thing to new a new language? I know to learn another language is neccesary practice everyday, but, for you, what is another thing that you could identify?
Mar 22, 2018 5:12 PM
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The hardest thing about learning a new language is acquiring the vocabulary of the new language. The grammar in no language presents a serious obstacle. Some languages have simpler grammar structures than others, but that doesn’t really matter. Those differences are matters that can be studied and learned rather quickly. Grammar is just the methodology by which the vocabulary is put together to communicate, with the pronunciation  just being the end result of making sounds that can be decoded by other speakers of that target language. You need to learn 50,000-60,000 words in a foreign language of any sort to reach fluency of a college level. Knowing the grammar is worthless without the vocabulary. The vocabulary IS the language. And learning that vocabulary takes time, hearing, speaking, reading, practice and exposure to the language. 
March 22, 2018

Hi Yese,

I think it is important to exercise one's brain in a variety of ways, such as listening and reading (passive intake of info) and then speaking and writing (active output of info). I try my best to hit each of those categories each day, though not always in the same way. I think that we get into trouble when we try to only tackle one category at a time because it can get boring and tiring (at least for me).

In addition to each category, I also try to vary up the level of the material I'm working with. Sometimes very easy, sometimes a little hard, sometimes way beyond my comprehension (because then I later come back to it and feel a sense of accomplishment in being able to understand it).

March 22, 2018
Well finding the key to open the door to master a language and maybe it is the most difficult part to initiate a language learning. I met a number of people who would like to learn a language did not have good mindset to kick off an effective learning. 
March 22, 2018

Hey, Yese. How are you doing ?

In my opinion one of the hardest things to do when you're learning a new language is "to Stop to translating while listen someone talking" and "Start to think in the new language". both are related with instant translating, you know, What we really need is really undestand the new language without translate all instantly.

See you.

March 22, 2018
Yese Sanchez
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