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The piece of mind is more valuable than things that are supposed to be important

We all quite often attach a particular importance to all the elements of routine that we are used to perceive as a necessary stuff in our life. Our job, our salary, our house, our roommates, our taxes, our car and so on, this list can keep going to the infinity I guess. The point is that all the things provoke a lot of worry if we can’t make through with them. Because we see this stuff as something with properties of high importance and value.
But there is always a possibility to get into a situation when all that routine can become just a nonsensical trash that you will never appreciate as high as you did before.

Today I had to say goodbye to my mom. She had left my city and went home to Ukraine. When we were waiting for the bus that my mom had to go by, I was thinking about what could happen if the transport didn’t arrive. I actually had such situation at one time and I definitely didn’t have any wish to get into the same story again. For the first time in my story, my bus hadn’t come but I had a solution, because I could just come back home and the next morning go to the bus terminal and gain my money back. But tomorrow my mom’s visa must finish its actuality, so she couldn’t get such easy chance that I had in my case. Of course today when we were staying in the terminal I worried a little bit, especially when I had noticed that the bus was late. Actually here is a normal thing if your transport arrives at the time when it should depart already.

I told before about a job I work at. Yesterday I wrote a report to leave, but I have to keep working for two weeks yet before I can go. Last two days I thought about how difficult it should be.
But when my mom and I were waiting, I had promised her that for these weeks that I need to get through, I won’t been complaining. I had promised that I will have done my work with a smile on my face and won’t pay attention on anything what I even don’t have to care about. Because all that stuff isn’t important as the feeling that your close relative is fine and doesn’t have any trouble. That’s what has an importance… not taxes, not a car, not a salary, but a well-being and a happiness of your dears.

I’m just interested. I know there is a lot of smart people on the Italki, and I’m sure there should be somebody who could have a similar situation that probably had changed his mind on the subject of the reevaluation. If it is someone who is reading this note, maybe he or she will be pleased to tell us his or her own story :)    
Mar 22, 2018 9:50 PM
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Peace of mind: having an easy conscience, not being preoccupied by worries and anxiety.

We're in search of that elusive treasure known as peace of mind.

A piece of my mind:  Frank sharing of one's (often unpleasant) thoughts. 

I can't believe how unreasonable my teacher is. How I would love to give her a piecee of my mind! 

I like your story, but in most cases, your salary (up to a point) and the material conditions of your existence determine whether or not you and your family even have a chance at peace of mind.

March 23, 2018

Guyomar, Thank you. I didn't noticed that mistake. Yes I meant the "peace of mind". I love writing very much, so sometimes I don't pay attantion on such elements when I don't want to lose a thought that I want to note. Next time I will check entirely all the text I write, because I know that a wrong form can  change the meaning totally. Thank you again :) 

And what about your answer, it's truth... until something bad happens to people. When someone has a disease that makes him stay in a bed and doesn't even allow to stand up and look out of a window, then he starts to say: "Oh God, if I'm able to get well, I will never care about such nonsense like money or something else. I just want my health to be fine". That's what I mean.
At one time I saw a nice picture, there were two guys on it. One of them walked on the street and looked at cars, and the another one was an invalid, he sat on a balcony and looked at the guy on the street. The first guy said: "I would like to have a car. I could get to work much faster". And the second one said: "I don't know why he's complaining. He has legs, he can walk".

March 23, 2018
Nice story. I just wanted to let you know it's "peace" of mind. Hope you see happier times soon.
March 23, 2018
It's remain to be seen that your attempt is successful.I think it's fair to say " good job"
March 23, 2018
Excuse the typo - I meant "piece" not "piecee" in the second example.
March 23, 2018
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