what does real life after graduation look like?
Mar 23, 2018 6:35 AM
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To be frank, after I finished my university I headed to do my military service which is obligatory in my country so I transferred to a difficult unexpected life. Afterwards I started to search for a good job because in this period of age there's no way to stay jobless in a term of you will be responsible for a lot of things and this responsibility will push you to the work zone powerfully, so I guess life after graduation is more complicated but would be bearable if you can work in something you enjoy, this point of view is from someone hates his job and willing to kick him self out one day 
March 23, 2018

Actually I am a student now and  I have three years left to graduation... But I think after graduation you have to find a job which is suitable for you...sometimes your goal is just make more money so your job may take all of your time... you just go home late for dinner and after that sleep then again in the morning you have to get up early and go to your work place... 

If you want to help everyone with your job... Sometimes you have to devote yourself and your money and maybe your enjoys and your family... 

But if you want to live your life and enjoy it... You can find a job which doesn't take many times...

But you know you can  enjoy and make more money and help everyone with your job :) if you believe it... After graduation we are free to do anything and if we don't have a plan maybe we going to just enjoy or make money or help... These threes are very good but If we pay attention to all of them(not just one of them) ... And for achieving this goal we have to make a good plan... 

So in my opinion, after graduation we have to have a good timing for our life to spend our life with out wasting our golden time 

March 23, 2018

I've been thinking about the same question for few months, and I really can't figure it out.

All I can do now is trying to learn as much as I can and hoping I can get a decent job after graduation.

I believe that everything will be fine if you just keep going : )

March 23, 2018
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