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Supporting the teachers from Venezuela The situation in Venezuela is getting worse. Even though we can´t do a lot, doing something is always better than not doing anything. That's why I'd like to suggest helping the teachers from Venezuela here at italki, by taking some lessons with them. Even if you already have a teacher you're totally happy with, it never hurts to add a conversation here and there. When you click on "Find a Teacher", you can pick "Venezuela" as location. You can also click on "Availability" at the top and choose the "Now" option. This will give you a list of teachers who are available for instant tutoring. You can always find teachers from Venezuela in that list. They are not expensive and the money of even one lesson already makes a huge difference for them.
Mar 23, 2018 5:33 PM
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I'd agree with you if they had fair elections. Yes, Maduro does have more supporters than he should have, because he has his way with words, but from all I'm hearing, it's definitely not the majority!

March 24, 2018

Wanda Embar,

"...Venezuela has an idiot called Maduro ..." I'd rather say that the people of Venezuela elected him. Same situation has just happened in Russia forth time in the row.

With all due respect and my understanding of the gravity of the situation in these two countries the people, every citizen, has to realize that they are responsible for their life.

March 24, 2018

My explanation about the current situation in Venezuela had apparently been flagged and removed for being too political. It is of course not easy to explain the situation in Venezuela, without getting political. I'll give it a try though.

Because of unfortunate circumstances, many people in Venezuela are currently having a really hard time buying food and people are literally dying from hunger. And because of these same unfortunate circumstances, Venezuela is also dealing with inflation rates of around 2000% per year. Salaries aren't even enough to buy the basics.

In short, because of unfortunate circumstances, life is extremely difficult right now in Venezuela and anything we can do to support the wonderful people that live there, is of course of great help. So please support the teachers of Venezuela!!!! Even one lessons makes a huge difference for them!

April 23, 2018
hespan, situation is my coutnry is nice. We have sold some of our soul, I think (or in other words: it is not nice in moral respect), but it is more than fine economically. Again, not because we are developing or producing somethign cool and new, but...

Send us a preacher to teach us that lies are not a virtue, if you have a honest one, but we dont' need money:)

P.S. my congratulations! I learned results of the election from your comment, right now . I never bothered to check them.
P.P.S. if in your media it looks like we have a 'situation', then they are almost as honest us ours and you better keep that honest preacher with yourself:(
March 26, 2018
The teachers are of course going through the same stuff the rest of the country is going through. The only difference is that if they actually manage to get students, it helps them tremendously. That´s why I posted my message.
March 24, 2018
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