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A new motivation

The reason why I’ve been learning English and why I’ve been registered here on the Italki is my wish to get on English Philology studies in Gdansk city. I like to learn foreign languages and like to teach them. So it was my main reason to learn English so eagerly. Until quite recently it was my direct purpose I wanted to achieve, but yesterday I got an another one.

In my country you must carry out a military service if you’re not a college student, not a father of an infant baby or if you’re not inefficient to serve. And with my recent graduation I’ve lost the last protection against the stupid Ukrainian army.
It actually means that I can’t come back home to see my family until I gain the allowance. Of course if I come home, nobody will catch me when I cross the border, because it’s against a law. But I wouldn’t like to walk in my native city looking around and avoiding casual people who could give me a piece of paper with that terrible invitation.

Yesterday I asked my friends in the university I’ve been studying before, if they can write a certificate confirming that I’m still a college student. I know it would be fake, but I had to ask. That people work at the university governance, but unfortunately they couldn’t help me even in sign of the old friendship, because they don’t have a right to do something like that. Of course I don’t blame them, even if this paper could be made quite easily.
I reckon myself as a man of a new generation – the generation of peace, kindness and new technologies. I’m sure all the problems that people have, appear from a symptoms’ treatment while we have to get rid of diseases. I mean. I wouldn’t have needed the certificate and I could come back home for the Easter holydays if there wasn’t such stuff as army in our imperfect world. And military forces aren’t a disease, it’s just a symptom of the thing that stupid people like to play, called a war.
This is reason-result chain. If there didn’t exist such thing as a war and an army, men wouldn’t have been afraid of losing their minds among that cruel circumstances. I saw young guys who had finished their service. They are totally different people now, who can’t live by the other way than they have been taught in army.

So, I have about ten days to endure my work, and when it gets finished I will learn English every day. I will learn it with a persistence I have never had before. I promise I will have been learning all day and all night long, to become accepted by the University of Gdansk and receive the opportunity to meet my family.     

P.S.: If you can, correct my note please. I would be thankful :)

Mar 24, 2018 8:03 AM
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